Welcome to my portfolio! Currently I am in my third year, studying Communication and Multimedia Design in Utrecht.

My mind is always an explosion of crazy, weird, good and sometimes slightly annoying colors and ideas. I can use this when designing concepts or visual products. These are a couple of other skills I’ve been working on and some of the experiences I gained in school assignments or at work:
- Designing concepts in a team.
- Designing posters/flyers/websites.
- Designing applications and documentaries.
- Working with the Adobe programs.
- Working with Ableton and Reason (audio design).
- Working as an (head-)editor and writer.
- Working as a team (of course not on my own).
- Being creative and daring to think out of the box.
- Working at a communication/writing department.
- Volunteering for organisations and festivals or events.

I think creativity is something everyone can develop, you just have to look close enough at the things you find interesting, or maybe even not that interesting. This way you can find your inspiration everywhere, even in an empty white painted room, your brothers goldfish, or in a dirty old sock. I love to work together with other people and I love to learn about different mindsets. I also find it interesting to ask random questions to people and I like to listen to people with a different story than that of my own. If you like to know more, you can always contact me.

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